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(Updated 27/10/2022)

When do I arrive at Dublin Connolly?

At least 30 minutes before your train time to allow everyone to be seated.

Where do I sit?

Tickets/seat allocations will be emailed/posted 10 days before the train date. But don't worry, our volunteers will be able to advise on the day.

Will we be seated together?

To be seated together you will need to book all passengers as a single party.

We will endeavour to seat your party together but there may be occasions where this is not possible. We may also, to maximise seating capacity, seat your party at a table with other passengers.

Does my baby/toddler count in the numbers at my table?

If they require a seat and a present from Santa during the journey, they’ll need to be counted.

Can I bring a buggy or pushchair onto the train?

As our carriages are historic/vintage we can carry only a limited number of prams and buggies on trains. Also, they must be folded and stowed in the luggage van of the train. The Train Manager and his marshals will be on board to assist you with this.

Where possible parents are asked not to bring prams and buggies.

Is the train fully accessible?

Regrettably, our carriages from the 1960s are unsuitable for wheelchair passengers unless they can be assisted from the platform to a seat and the wheelchair folded for stowing in our luggage van. We are unable to cater for electric wheelchairs or buggies.

Will there be catering on the train?

We have a fully stocked bar, and a dining car serving light refreshments, mulled wine and mince pies.

Are there toilets on the train?

There are ample toilets on the train. 

Can I bring my dog on the train?

Except for guide dogs and registered assistance animals, pets are not permitted on the train.

How many tickets can I buy?

The maximum number of tickets per booking will be up to 8 adults and 8 children. If you have a bigger group, you will need to make multiple bookings - but please use the same name and email address for each booking to allow us to seat you together.

I have no access to a printer to print my tickets. What should I do?

You don’t have to print off your ticket. We are happy to check your purchase on your mobile device when you arrive.

What if I want a refund?

We regret that tickets, once purchased, may not be exchanged/cancelled or money refunded, but we would encourage you to pass the tickets to family or friends.