C309/C310 Flat Wagons
Withdrawn NIR, 2009
Companies NIR, RPSI
Preservation Career 2009 to present
Current Location Whitehead
Current Status In traffic


There is some uncertainty about the history of these vehicles.

One source says: Denis Grimshaw (NIR Infrastructure) commissioned a train of six bogie wagons at York Road to bring strings of long welded rails north from the Irish Rail welding plant in Portlaoise for the major relaying that was happening in the early 1980s. According to IRRS Journal 77 (October 1978), they were "converted from adapted carriage underframes mounted on former MPD bogies equipped with Hofmann roller-bearing axleboxes". The picture of 309 at WDX shows SKF axlebox covers, but this could be a modification.

Another source states that C309 and 310 were extensively used in the re-laying of the Antrim branch in 1971-2. There were at least 13 of these wagons, C301-313.

Unlike previous RPSI flat wagons, which were hired out to track relay contractor, these were specially adapted by NIR for the job!

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