460 Mk2 Brake
Builder BREL, 1966
Withdrawn BR MR, 2003
Companies BR, RPSI
Preservation Career 2004 to present
Current Location Whitehead
Current Status In traffic


One of of the first Mk2 coaches to enter service with the Society following the requirement to withdraw wooden-bodied vehicles and operate a steel-bodied train.

The initial train of Mk2s did not have a bar car until Dining Car 547 came in to service in 2008, so the van area of 460 served as a makeshift bar for a number of years.

460, a Mk2z coach, was taken out of service in 2015 for a much-needed overhaul, and re-ented traffic on the Santa trains in 2017. It was been the subject of favourable comment.

Work undertaken to the vehicle over the 2-year period included renewal of end sheets, vestibule floor, rewiring, installation of a generator, repainting (5 coats each side), re-varnishing of the interior, renewal of the upholstery and a full overhaul of the running gear.

Following the fitting of central door locking to the Mk2 carriages the other brake, 463, had a Caterpillar diesel generator fitted in its van to supply the train with electric power. 460 had a similar model fitted during its overhaul in 2015.

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