Saturday 8th April 2017


Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny, Kildare


Tickets from €55PP

To continue fund-raising for the restoration of our 121 and 141 locomotives, we are pleased to announce the next diesel railtour. It will include Galway and Kilkenny and will feature requested 071 class haulage with several locomotive changes.

The tour will depart from Dublin and head west to Galway. Following a break in Galway for over an hour, the train will return east to Kildare (loco change) before heading south to Kilkenny (loco change). A smart return from Kilkenny will get the train back to Dublin. Several photo stops along the route will also be a feature on the day.

All proceeds from this railtour will go directly to the continuation of restoration work currently underway with B141 and 134.

Since the arrival of the locomotives at the RPSI shed in Dublin Connolly a lot of work has been undertaken on them. Both have successfully started in preservation and now also work in multiple. To continue the work it needs your help, so please support this railtour and the prospect of seeing our 121 and 141 locomotives back at the head of our trains will become a reality.

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Dublin Connolly
Dublin Connolly 20:30

Fare: £55 / €60


Tickets can also be purchased (over the counter) at: 
Mark's Models, Hawkins Street, Dublin