Please note the following points when booking for our Dublin Santa Special trains.

  • Demand for tickets is exceptional. Some trains will sell out in seconds. You may be online at the exact time that the tickets go on sale and miss them by a millisecond.
  • There are no pre-sale tickets. If you see this when the tickets go on sale, this means that someone who got in ahead of you is completing the booking process (you have 8 minutes to complete).
  • You can only book a maximum of 8 tickets at any one time per train. This is to give as many different families a chance to join us.
  • It is possible that you may be disappointed and not get tickets. Demand last year was exceptional.
  • Please do not contact us saying you did not get the tickets that you wanted. We know it is upsetting, but it is similar to getting tickets for an All-Ireland Final or a popular concert.
  • Children aged 2 and under can travel for free once they are accompanied by a fare paying adult and are sitting on their lap.
  • Try to book onto our diesel specials and morning trains, you will have a better chance in joining us on board.
  • Seats will be allocated, if you are a group of two families of 4, please make 1 booking of 8. We cannot facilitate seating requests due to the numbers involved.
  • The RPSI fare is €19 per ticket. Our agents Eventbrite add a fee via their booking platform. RPSI organises the event and seats.
  • Please ensure you enter the correct email address. This will be our means of contacting you.
  • Your tickets are confirmed when you have the email with the PDF attachment with the tickets. You will need to print the tickets off before the day of travel.
  • We will email you with your seating allocations and travel details in advance of the Santa Specials.
  • In the event of a failure of our steam locomotive, the special will be hauled by an Irish Rail diesel locomotive. Refunds will not be issued. The on board experience is exactly the same.

We thank you for your understanding and patience at this busy time of year for us.