Christmas events and opening times.

Our packed programme of Christmas events:

  • 26th November: Victorian Street Fair (Whitehead - steam train rides)
  • 27th November: Lost Santa (Whitehead - search for Santa & steam train rides)
  • 27th November: Christmas Steam (Whitehead - steam train rides)
  • 3rd December: Santa Special (Dublin - Santa train trips)
  • 3rd December: Santa Special (Belfast - Santa train trips)
  • 4th December: Santa Special (Dublin - Santa train trips)
  • 4th December: Christmas Steam (Whitehead - steam train rides)
  • 4th December: Lost Santa (Whitehead - search for Santa & steam train rides)
  • 10th December: Santa Special (Dublin - Santa train trips)
  • 10th December: Santa Special (Belfast - Santa train trips)
  • 11th December: Santa Special (Dublin - Santa train trips)
  • 11th December: Christmas Steam (Whitehead - steam train rides)
  • 11th December: Lost Santa (Whitehead - search for Santa & steam train rides)
  • 17th December: Santa Special (Dublin - Santa train trips)
  • 17th December: Santa Special (Belfast - Santa train trips)
  • 18th December: Santa Special (Dublin - Santa train trips)
  • 18th December: Santa Special (Belfast - Santa train trips)
  • 23rd December: Polar Express (Whitehead - Christmas fun)

Museum opening dates:

  • 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 15th and 16th December: Book here.