The Society's heritage diesel 134 is in Irish Rail's Inchicore Works in Dublin for an overhaul to allow it to be returned to RPSI mainline service.

The pace of restoration work with B134 in Inchicore continues.

The last of the main components from the engine have now been removed by the CME staff In the FCR shop. The parts removed for refurbishment included the main and auxiliary generators. These as the name suggests generate the electrical power needed to run the traction motors which in turn move the locomotive. The rebuilding of these components is not only vital in the overhaul process but will be another factor in providing reliable performances once the locomotive is back on the mainline. The generators will go to the same company in Millstreet who overhauled the traction motors. The overhaul of the traction motors is all but complete and they will return to Inchicore with the generators once complete.

The other item removed for overhaul was the oil cooler. Again, this is another part that once overhauled will ensure reliable performance from the locomotive. The oil cooler will go to the same company in Kilcock who are rebuilding the main radiator.

As always we would like to acknowledge Irish Rail CME Peter Smyth, our Irish Rail project manager Stephen Campbell and all their CME staff in Inchicore for their unending support and guidance with this project.