On Sunday 5th November, following a long overhaul, locomotive No.131 returned to the mainline with a train for the first time in over 50 years.

No.131 ready to depart from Whitehead Excursion Station with her first train in over 50 years. (N.Lawrence) Back on the main line passing Whitehead station. (N.Lawrence)
Entering Carrickfergus. (C.P.Friel) Backing onto the train at Carrickfergus after running round. (C.P.Friel)
Passing the White Harbour between Carrickfergus and Whitehead. (C.P.Friel) Returning after the first run with a train. (N.Lawrence)
Entering Whitehead after the Carrickfergus run. (C.P.Friel) Crossing the Dargan Bridge after the run to Belfast Central. (C.P.Friel)


Video - Belfast Central (A.Martin)

Video - Yorkgate (S.Ailín)

Video - Dargan Bridge (M.Wilson)

Video - Carrickfergus (J.McKeown)

Video - Whitehead (N.Lawrence)