An update on Carriage & Wagon developments at Whitehead

181 (Ex BR Mk2a FK)

Work is continuing in the background on this comfortable vehicle. Work to date has included minor corrosion repair, the replacement of one of the corner doors, rewiring of her heating system and the replacement of the old carpet with new lino. Programmed work for next year will consist of a full repaint, renewal of several windows and a full running gear overhaul.

304 (Ex CIÉ Mk2D 304)

In the last year work has advanced rapidly with this vehicle. Side body corrosion repairs have been completed in addition to the removal and renewal of the vestibule end floor sections. Great progress has also been made on the removal of old IÉ vinyl and the preparation of the sides for painting in the warmer weather. The vehicle has also benefited from new glass and window rubber. Currently the vehicle is in the process of being re-wired to make it compatible with the RPSI fleet.

For those sufficiently interested the vehicle will for the moment retain electric heat and air conditioning, though will of course need to be fitted with a through steam heat pipe.

460 (Ex BR Mk2z BSO)

460 finally re-entered traffic on the first Whitehead Santa train this year and has been the subject of favourable comment. Work undertaken to the vehicle over the last 2 years has included renewal of end sheets, vestibule floor, rewiring, installation of a generator, repainting (5 coats each side), re-varnishing of the interior, renewal of the upholstery and a full overhaul of the running gear.

Carriage 460 ex works, 26/11/2017. 460's refurbished interior on the first Santa working on 2/12/2017.

8309 (GS&WR Ballast Wagon)

The overhaul of this ballast wagon is being funded by a grant from the Northern Ireland Museums Council. Work to date has involved producing detailed drawings for future inclusion within the RPSI archive, freeing up of the seized ballast dropping mechanism (last used in the late 1980s), cleaning and preparation of the underframe for painting and inspection and fitting of the bearings.

8309 in unrestored state. Start of work on the springs and axleboxes.

At some stage in the past two of the axle box covers went missing. However due to the skill of HEI and the RPSI facilities we were able to cast two new covers using one of the existing covers as a base for a mould. The photograph shows the two new covers after casting awaiting fettling and drilling prior to fitting to the wagon.

During the overhaul of the wagon and general de-scaling of the chassis it became rapidly apparent that the original plate would not survive due to the build up of corrosion behind the plate. This resulted in the plate being removed in 2 or three places. Therefore the decision was taken to use the existing plate as a basis for a pattern and cast a new one – all easily achievable due to the facilities and expertise at Whitehead.

Currently work is now focused on the hopper with several sections of angle iron now either replaced or made good and the patching of holes within the main body is also ongoing.

The intention is to paint the wagon in early GS&WR wagon livery. There appears to be very few photos of wagons in GS&WR livery (let alone the unglamorous ballast wagons) so any details or photos members may have would be most appreciated.

Freshly cast CIÉ 3A axlebox covers. These require minor fettling and machining prior to fitting. Newly cast works plate for 8309.